What is it?
A wonderful experience along with Cantabrian Sea Anchovies. An Innovative delight born from Italian creativity & style to enhance flavor of your dishes in a delicate way.

Ho to use them? Instead of salt, to give a unique taste to raw vegetables (mixed salads, tomatoes, caprese) and cooked (broccoli, potatoes, sauteed chicory); to enrich sauces (mayonnaise, tuna sauce) and pasta sauces (red, with vegetables); to complete a bruschetta and give character to soups and main courses of fish and meat.

It's an innovation! It's the first seasoning made with anchovies.


Only three ingredients

The formula and processing method of Le Acciughine is patented.

Le Acciughine are made with only three ingredients: Anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea, salt and vegetable fiber.


The anchovies used
are the most valuable,
those of the Cantabrian Sea

Anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea are the finest and best anchovies in the world. They are fleshy, large and fat, with a tasty but sweet and pleasantly firm pulp. The habitat of this fish is the cold sea of ​​the northern coast of Spain. This environmental factor allows the anchovies to reach a larger size, giving its pulp the right balance of fat and flavor. Moreover, the very deep waters and the numerous currents make this a stormy sea but very fishy. The processing of anchovies, certified by the Cantabrian Anchovies Brand of the Basque Country, still takes place today in an artisanal and manual way: from preparation for salting, to filleting and final canning. It is curious how the Sicilians who emigrated to Spain at the beginning of the last century began and handed down this tradition.

It is used instead of salt and has a very high yield
• It is used cold and it takes very little to "wrap" the whole dish perfectly while the anchovy remains in pieces, but also hot towards the end of cooking to preserve its flavor intact
• It has not undergone heat treatments (which would diminish its properties and aroma) and thanks to the innovative technology it keeps aroma and perfume intact for a long time out of the fridge
• It is always close at hand
• It is as versatile as anchovy but much more practical
• It is completely natural and without preservatives